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Dickey Rural Networks

Founded in 1950, Dickey Rural Networks (DRN) was created to bring telephone service to rural southeastern North Dakota.  We began our first FTTH project in 2004 (completed in 2012) and are proud to be providing 100% FTTH service throughout our service area consisting of 32 exchanges in seven North Dakota counties and two South Dakota counties.  In 2021, we celebrated the grand opening of our Casselton office as part of our strategic planning to expand into eastern North Dakota and now serve Casselton, Horace, and Mapleton with gigabit broadband with speeds up to 10 Gbps. 

Gigabit Communities: 35
Internet Infrastructure Investment: $93,000,000
2021 Payroll: $6,818,499
Miles of Fiber: 4,620
Business Customers: 1,116
Residential Customers: 7,010

Kent Schimke


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