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Red River Communications

Founded in 1951 and headquartered in Abercrombie, Red River is a progressive telecommunications cooperative that offers high-speed fiber broadband internet, fixed wireless internet, digital video, cellular and phone services. Red River maintains 2,702 miles of fiber and 4,685 customers in a service area spanning North Dakota and Minnesota. In 2016, Red River was Certified Gig-Capable by NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association and named a Smart Rural Community provider in 2017.  

Gigabit Communities: 8
Internet Infrastructure Investment: $33,000,000
2021 Payroll: $2,617,000
Miles of Fiber: 1,708
Business Customers: 385
Residential Customers: 2,257

* Company also operates outside of North Dakota. These statistics are for North Dakota only.

Tom Steinolfson


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